Best Halloween Royalty Free Music

Here is my collection with 25 great halloween royalty free music tracks from Audiojungle. Did you know that Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas? So, it’s a very popular holiday. And I’ve made this collection to help everyone who creates some media content on this topic. Especially, this music collection might be useful for Youtube vloggers, video production companies, and other video creators.

Since there are a lot of different types of videos it requires different types of music. Even if you take all the music picked up on the theme of halloween, the tracks can vary widely.

So, I’ve devided all halloween music into 5 categories:

  • Classic Halloween Music. This music reminds me of films about witches that brew potion in green boilers) Dark and creepy atmposphere.
  • Fun Halloween Music. This tracks are scary too, but it’s easy to imagine them in funny and humorous videos. This type of halloween music can add great comedy accents to different projects. But at the same time it might be good for scary halloween videos!
  • Background Halloween Music. This music is neither too spooky nor too funny. I determine it as neautral music that might be a good background for a large amount of halloween content.
  • Halloween Music for Trailers. This is music with modern cinematic elements. Great for horror movies, films and trailers.
  • Mystical Halloween Music. This is suspence and mysterious haunting ambient tracks. If you want to create eerie and nightmare atmosphere this tracks might be great for such purposes. Also I associate it with Killer Clown Scare Pranks or something similiar.

I’ve chosen 5 tracks for each category. You can view all this tracks in one collection. Or just click on the title of each category above. Also, there is a player below, where you can listen for all the tracks. Just click the BUY button to purchase a license for the music to use it in videos. All tracks of year 2016, so you will find only high quality and fresh music here.

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