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Check out this great collection by Audiojungle author JonnyMakesJazz with best jazz royalty free music!

“I have trawled Audiojungle in search of top quality jazz royalty free music, and chosen what I feel is the cream of the crop.  These tracks come in a variety of jazz styles. But all have one thing in common – a feelgood, happy vibe.

Where might ‘Happy Jazz’ music be used?

 You will hear upbeat, cheerful jazz in many productions, from Hollywood movies to IKEA adverts. This kind of music lends a very particular mood to video, so let’s look at which kind of production might benefit from some jazzy sounds:

  • Cookery videos – Foodies and Jazz are the perfect match!
  • Travel videos – for example, some gypsy jazz on a video about France
  • Business promo videos – if your brand identity is fun with sophistication, you need some appropriate music!
  • Comedy – much of the happier side of jazz has a fun, tongue-in-cheek vibe
  • TV ads – If you need to associate charm and happiness with your product, then this is the music for you!
  • Vintage-themed productions – many jazz styles are synonomous with a particular decade of the 20th century, e.g. swing in the 1930s, Be-bop in the 1940s. Using this music is an easy way of giving your production the approriate feel.

Which style of Jazz is right for your production?

 Under the heading ‘Jazz’ there is a world of variety in style. Here are some of the jazz styles featured in the collection below:

  • Gypsy Jazz – originating in France in the 1930s, this music is all about charm and mainly features guitars, sometimes with violin or clarinet.
  • Straightahead Jazz – what many people associate with the ‘jazz sound’, often played in small groups, like a piano trio, for example.
  • Latin Jazz – Combines jazz with the sounds of many Latin destinations, such as Brazil or Cuba
  • Big Band – a powerful, swinging sound, capturing all the fun of the dance halls of the 1930s and 40s.
  • Electro Swing – the old swing sound meets modern production and dance beats.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of  how you might use some jazz in your production. Give the tunes a listen, and click the links to license them on Audiojungle.”

Jonny Boyle

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