Best Music for Youtube Gaming Videos

Best Music for YouTube Gaming Videos (Royalty Free) is a collection with cool and energetic electronic music from Audiojungle!

This dubstep and techno tracks contains all of the main elements of epic gaming soundtracks, such as: modern wobbles, futuristic synths, powerfull bass and more… So, this tracks will be cool for:

  • Any kind of action, shooting and racing videos
  • Video game reviews
  • Gaming channel openers and logos

Why this playlist might be useful you?

According to Media Kix, gaming is #4 among the most popular types of YouTube videos. Therefore, if you want to make a popular gaming video it should be unique, interesting and professional. And, among with other factors, music is also very important part of a cool video. So, why this playlist might be useful you?

  1. Only professional tracks. All this track are available on Audiojungle, that has a very strong review team now. Furthermore, I spent a lot of time, choosing the best tracks for this topic.
  2. Add uniqueness to your video. A lot of youtubers use free music for their videos. And there are not so many high quality free music for youtube on the web. As a result, sometimes it’s hard to find something special for your project. And I hope this collection will help you to find exactly what you want.
  3. Avoid Copyright issues and monetize your video. After purchasing a license for the track you can use it on youtube without any copyright issues (that not always happens with free music). Yes, some authors register their music with youtube content ID system just to protect it against thief, but there is a very detailed guide How to clear a YouTube copyright notice on Audiojungle


Music can be a branding part of your channel (for example music for your intro or logo). Or it can be just a background for your videos. Anyway, if you are serious enought about your YouTube channel, it can be a good idea to use only high quality music without any copyright problems.

Please repost this playlist if you like the music!

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