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According to HighQ infographic, by 2017 online video will account for 74% of all web traffic. That means that video is a very powerful marketing tool. And that’s why every video creator should make his project the best he can to stand out from the crowd. Music is one of the strongest tools to affect the viewer and uplift your project on a higher level. But what music you can use?

In this two-part series of articles I’m telling where to find great background music for videos and how to use it without violating copyrights. This part is about royalty-free (stock) music. (Check out the first part of this series How to Find Background Music for Videos (Part 1. Free Music)! This information will be useful for vloggers, youtubers, filmmakers, video production companies and other video creators.

About royalty-free music

First of all, the term Royalty-free music (also called stock music) doesn’t mean that the music is free. It’s a very common mistake. In most cases royalty free means that once purchasing a license for music you can use it in a big or small (depending on the license) project and it can be used one time or several times.

Pros and cons of royalty-free music


  • No copyright problems. This is the main reason why you should buy royalty free music. When you have a license you are absolutely free to monetize your video on youtube, or use the music in films or TV/Radio commercials. Also you don’t have to credit the author in titles or description (but if you do, authors would be grateful for it though :))
  • Quality. Nowadays the biggest royalty-free music websites are tightening up their review process. So there are a lot more high quality items among stock music than among free tracks.
  • A large choice. There is a wide selection of music in different genres on royalty-free sites: from lite ukulele background to epic orchestral compositions. Moreover, you can find logos, idents and looped versions.
  • Not expensive. Royalty free music is not very expensive (around 20$ for the standard license) due to its non exclusive nature (a track can be sold multiple times).


  • Not exclusive. Tracks that are available on royalty-free music markets can be sold multiple times. That means that not only you can create a project with the track. It’s not a big disadvantage but it can be inconvenient sometimes.
  • No popular music from major artists. There are almost no tracks that you can hear on the radio or music channels. If it’s your goal, check How to use popular music in youtube video.

Where to get royalty-free music

Since there are thousands of sites with royalty-free music on the web there are two main giants in the industry that I recommend to use.

1. Audiojungle

In my opinion this is the most customer and author friendly platform. It has very clear licenses and instructions on how to easy clear Youtube copyright notices. Prices depend on the lengths. It starts from 1$ for sound effects and music costs $19 for 2min+ tracks. Every month Audiojungle features a free file of month which I think is very cool.

Music Packs and Music Kits categories
  • Music Packs: Authors can combine tracks (minimum 3) on certain topics and upload them as music pack, which would cost ~50% less than to buy every track separately. Cool feature to save your money if you buy royalty-free music often!
  • Music Kits: Music kits contain individual song sections (intro, verse, chorus…) It’s a great feature if you like the song, but you need an advanced customization of the track. Check out this short video on How to use Audiojungle Music Kits to better understand what I mean.

Also people are able to create collections on different topics. Check ot my Collections of Royalty-free Music!

2. Pond5

It’s another very popular site with royalty free music and sound effects. It also has licenses for different types of projects. The price for sound effects starts from $2 and for music from $20. Unlike Audiojungle the prices on Pond5 are set manually by authors. I think when the price for the tracks can vary from $20 to $100+ on the same license is not very convenient for the customers.

You are also able to create collections and use other author’s collections. And if you want to save your money Pond5 has  Membership programs and Credit Packs. Another good quality of pond5 is that you can change language and currency displayed on the site.


Royalty free music marketplaces is a very easy and not expensive way to find background music for youtube videos, vlogs, marketing videos and other types of media content. You can quickly find high quality tracks in different genres, buy music with a discount (Music Packs on Audiojungle, Credit Packs on Pond5) and use collections for your convenience.

I strongly recommend AudioJungle and Pond5 because they have really good reputation, great support teams and strong quality criteria for the items. Both websites have their own benefits but in my opinion Aj is more useful for customers due to its pricing policy and structure, but a lot of people love Pond5 too.

Royal-free music is a good choice especially for video production companies and vloggers, who decide to monetize their videos without copyright problems and to use a 100% legal and high quality content for their projects

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