Recently I posted a series of articles on How to Find Background Music for Videos. And now I want to share the interview with one of the top authors in the industry – Twisterium. 

So tell about yourself. Where are you from, what do you do?

Hi there, my name is Vitaliy Egorov, my nickname is Twisterium. I was born and lived most of my life in Crimea, but then I moved to Kiev, Ukraine, and now I live there with my wife and son. I’ve been into music for a long time, over 20 years. I used to play in pop-rock bands, recorded solo albums and instrumental music. Guitars were always the main instruments for me but of course I also play keyboard and percussion instruments and I sing too. It all came useful in life.

What’s your education? Is stock music your only way to make money?

Actually I’m an electrician engineer and I never went to any music schools, I studied everything myself. I used to work at a local radio station, in a supermarket and as a marine inspector. In 2012 I read a couple of articles in the Internet about audio stocks and realized that I have all the recourses to try composing stock music. So that’s how I came to Audiojungle. Half a year after that I quit my job as an inspector and audio stocks have become my only source of income to this day. In a year I reached the level of 100 sales per month on Audiojungle, and in two years – on the level of 200 sales. So, during the last two or three years, my income has been stable enough, don’t count seasonal fluctuations.

 I quit my job as an inspector and audio stocks have become my only source of income to this day

Do you have a schedule to work for stocks or you wait for an inspiration?

My creative process is quite simple. When I just started, I was spending almost all my time, including evenings and weekends, writing tracks and learning. When there were more than 200 tracks in my portfolio and it began to bring a stable income, I could afford to have more rest and spend more time with my family and friends. Now I work, on average, 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week. I try to upload to Stocks, as usual, 2-3 tracks per week.

To not give up positions in times of tough competition but to develop and progress, it is necessary to have certain self-discipline and work regularly. Inspiration is a great thing, but when it’s not there, I always have something to do – I create music packs, promote my tracks on the Internet, I find reference tracks on stocks or production libraries, the sound of which I like, and try to achieve the same sound. Also I watch teaching video lessons.

Listen to the one of Twisterium’s best sellers


What distinguishes your portfolio from others?

First of all, it’s a quite narrow specialization in certain styles. I almost don’t make dance, electronic music, jazz and metal. My preferences are guitar pop-rock, acoustic pop-folk themes and positive indie rock, quiet romantic plays. Sometimes I do epic compositions. It’s hard for me to work in styles that are not close to me in life. The second aspect is the beauty of composition. I don’t like “flat” themes with uncertain melody. My credo is that the song must first be beautiful and only then have a good note or “rocking”.

How much time does it usually take to create a track?

At this stage, I don’t like to mess around with a track for a long time. I may just get bored with it. Usually a guitar track takes 3-4 hours, plus half an hour finishing the next day. I do corporate minimal twice as fast. If the template is available, track can be made in like an hour, but it’s not so fun to work with.

You should always dream, make plans, set goals, and have a long-term perspective.

Twisterium photo with guitars

What do you think is the most difficult in your work for stocks?

It’s difficult to maintain the pace and excitement for 4 years or more. There is always a temptation to be satisfied with what you’ve already achieved. You should always dream, make plans, set goals, and have a long-term perspective.

How much do you spend doing online marketing. What social networks do you consider most useful?

I believe that in a competitive environment marketing can be a “trump card.” If you’re too lazy to do it – someone else will be there to take away your customers. I try to promote my tracks at least a little every day. In the times, when I can’t bring myself to make any music, I can do it all day. I think the most useful social media in terms of promotion definitely are Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook and a personal website.

What or who inspires you?

Good stock track. Nowadays, stock music has reached such a level that even famous hitmakers and mainstreamers have a lot to learn. Commercial background music often has more interesting arrangements and more beautiful and rich sound than the monotonous cheap hits on the radio.

Reсent royalty-free music from Twisterium


What kind of music do you like to listen to in your spare time?

Often I listen to stock music purposefully, to get new ideas. But also The Killers, Angels And Airwaves, Coldplay and other pop / indie rock.

What’s your hobby?

Aside from my work, an important place in my life took a part in the Kiev Christian Church musical team. Also I volunteer at children’s summer camps and I travel quite a lot.

Tell me about an interesting / unusual case connected to stocks. Maybe it was a memorable customer or something like that?

The most memorable customer for me was the Indian company, which used my bestseller as a soundtrack for a song they recorded for a feature film. They registered this track in ContentID system, which gave me and my other clients, who have used the track on Youtube, a lot of trouble. Fortunately, after a long correspondence and disputes, the situation was resolved successfully for me; I defended my rights to the track.

What advice would you give to emerging authors on Audiojungle?

Though now it’s more difficult for the beginners to break through, yet it is very real.

  • The main advice is – work hard. Everything depends on it. If you have perseverance, passion and time – Elite icon will not be long in coming.
  • Second advice would be to gather as much information as possible about the specifics of a stock: what styles are trendy, how does the search system work, what special deals are going on, how to make the right appearance of your track.
  • The third advice – be active and communicative. Your forum activity in direct communication with partners, sponsors or motion designers can become determinant. You should be in a limelight. Fourth advice is to advertise your tracks. This may allow them to be sold over the years.
  • Last tip – make a non-exclusive portfolio to work for multiple audio stocks. You never know which one will become your goldmine. And of course, I advise you to develop your taste in music, so that in 10 years people will still like your tracks.

Check out Twisterium’s portfolio on Audiojungle!


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